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Marco Ravenna developed his career on the wave of the best tradition in the field of Italian art and profession during last 40 years. 

Without any compromise, his job spurs him to be skilled in activities concerning image, didactic, organization

of events and photographic settings. Photographer for real art collectors,

Contact in Brighton (UK) :

Following the activity development and the new technological possibilities, Marco Ravenna’s field of 
competence has widened thanks to his experience with film and the enthusiasm to communicate emotions

through image.

More in short CV :

Owner Photographer presso Studio e Archivio Fotografico, Fine art and cultural heritage, photo stock  1974 - Present  (40 years)

Marco Ravenna is a freelance photographer specialising in Italian cultural heritage.

With more than thirty years’ experience and around 100 published volumes , Marco Ravenna has also

organised entire photography campaigns, of which he has curated every logistical and organisational aspect.

The Marco Ravenna photographic archive currently contains 50.000 shots in large format film.

Due to the nomadic nature of his job, he has also specialised in outdoor photography and setting up in

different kind of places.

His lessons, both held at institutional level and through private courses, represent one of the main activities of

its genre in Italy and a concrete connection between real professional practice and the ability to transmit it to others.

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